Portable QTHs

Fieldday 2003

Holiday Camping OZ 2004

Fieldday 2004

Holiday Mandoe (OZ) 2005

Holiday Skyum (OZ) 2005

ILLW Scheelenkuhlen 2005

Fieldday 2006

ILLW Scheelenkuhlen 2006

ILLW Scheelenkuhlen 2007

ILLW Scheelenkuhlen 2008

Monte Lema (1620m) Schwitzerland 2008

Funkertag 2009 in Uetersen port

Dxpedition „behind the dike“ 2010

For QRP portable operation I bought a MP-1 from Super Antennas. Afterwards I constructed a small adapter, which allowed me to mount the antenna on a photo tripod. Furtheron I changed the original radials against four 3m long wires which are connected via banana jacks to the antenna mount. In the internet I found an idea how to build a small scale which helped to found the resonance points for the different bands quicker.

On a Sunday afternoon I tested the complete setup on a nice place behind the dike. I was surprised how easy I could do some QSOs on 20m and 40m band.

Holiday Camping Fyn (OZ) 2012

Holiday Camping OZ 2015

Holiday OZ Broager Strand in Skelde 2016

Holiday OZ Genner Strand 2018